University of St Andrews Ultimate Frisbee

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Two teams of seven

Catch the disc in opponent's endzone to score

Narrow pitch with endzones

No running with the disc

No referees

Foul calls are resolved by discussion between players

Maintaining the Spirit of the Game is the first rule of Ultimate Frisbee

Focus on being competitive but respecting your opponent

UK Ultimate Frisbee

Women's (W), Men's (M) and Mixed (X). 

Indoors (5-a-side): 

  • Regional Championships (W, M, X)

  • National Championships (W, M, X)


  • BUCS Scottish League (M)

  • Regional Championships (W, M, X) 

  • National Championships (W, M, X)

Beginner's Tournaments

Warm-up Tournaments

Beach Tournaments

Men's Indoor Nationals 2017 - 1st


Full Membership (£25)

Training, T-Shirt, Disc, Tournaments, Socials

Social Membership (£10)

Training, Socials

(Required to use AU facilities)

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